• The Spring Lodge Retreat


The Spring Lodge Retreat

The key aim of the retreat is for students to gain a proper, principled, and purposeful understanding of the Prophet, may the mercy and peace of God be upon him, in person, as well as fluid familiarity with his life and times, in a manner that has both relevance and applicability to the current age in which we live.

With this aim in mind, the retreat will thereby endeavour to explore the overarching themes and underlying principles that are said to govern the life and times of the Prophet, may the mercy and peace of God be upon him. This inaugural retreat will aim to elucidate these over-arching and fundamental themes and principles, with subsequent retreats providing an opportunity for each of the themes in question to be explored and clarified in greater depth.

This thematic approach is a principled approach and can serve as a basis for the proper grounding of Islam in the age in which we live; an age in which the cry for relevancy has never been louder.


The Scholars

al-Habib ‘Ali Zain Al Abideen al-Jifri (Yemen)

al-Habib Kazim as-Saqqaf (Yemen)

Shaykh Usama al-Azhari (Egypt)

Shaykh Salih al-Ghursi (Turkey)

Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahman Ould Murabit al-Hajj


The Teachers

Dr. Karim Lahham
Ibrahim Osi-Efa
Faiz Qureshy
Yasser Qureshi


The Artists

Amir Sulaiman
Nader Khan
Firqah Birr wa Taqwa
The Keighley Munshids
Baraka Blue
Jehad Shemis
(The Archer)
Ismail Redjep
(The Wrestler)
Abdul-Qadir Wiswall
(The Coffee Roaster)
Mostafa Atef
Munir Humberto Zermeno
(The Baker)
Ensar Oud
(The Oud Maker)


Spring Lodge Retreat will be hosted at the award winning campuses of the University of Nottingham.  Being centrally located at the heart of the UK, this venue is the ideal location for the Spring Lodge retreat allowing easy access for students coming from all areas of the UK.

The natural landscape and space that surrounds the campus adds to the beauty and spirituality of this retreat making it a perfect place for study and self-reflection.

The excellent facilities and accommodation at the site will ensure a comfortable stay for all.   Students will be housed in halls of residence which comprise of single self-study rooms.  The campus has a wide range of amenities and facilities that will hopefully meet the needs of attendees and include lounge areas, kitchenettes and on-site car parking for the duration of the retreat.


Each student will be housed in a single-occupancy room in a hall of residence.

Each room will have:

  1. A bed (including mattress)
  2. Bedding which includes a pillow, bed sheet and cover
  3. A sink
  4. Coffee & Tea Supplies
  5. A toiletry pack, which will include a small soap, shower gel and shampoo.
  6. A bathmat, bath towel and hand towel
  7. A swipe key that grants access to the room and entry into the hall of residence.

There will be between four to six rooms per bathroom (toilet and shower facilities). The ratio will be smaller for families (subject to availability).

Each Hall of Residence will have: 

  1. A dining hall
  2. Access to kitchenettes
  3. Coined launderette

Halls of residence will be categorised as follows

  1. Brothers block/(s)
  2. Sisters block/(s)
  3. Family block/(s)


Families with young children will be given priority with regards to being housed in the family blocks. Married couples without children will be allocated rooms in the family block if there is space.

Families and Children

  1. Parents may share a room with a child aged six and under.
  2. If a child (under six) is allocated a separate room, they room will be next door to the parent.
  3. Children above the age of six will be allocated rooms on the same corridor as there parents (if not next to each other).


The menu at the retreat has been devised with the aim of endeavouring to follow the Prophetic Diet, thus providing students with nourishing and wholesome food. The greatest effort will be taken to purchase all food items from carefully selected local and regional suppliers and to use, as much as possible, seasonal products that are healthy and environmentally friendly. Great care will be taken in trying to ensure that all food sourced is both organic and fair trade.














The Programme

The retreat will comprise of traditional teaching, keynote lectures, workshops, communal prayer, gatherings of remembrance and the recital of poems and song.

Overview of Programme

  • Fajr Lesson – The Prophet Described
  • Sira: A Thematic Approach
    1. Man: Defining Humanity, Realising Vicegerency
    2. The Martial Nature: The Imperative of the Natural Order
    3. Sainthood: The Way of Sanctification
    4. Prophecy: The Higher Order of Being
    5. Disbelief: Principles of Disbelief
    6. Hijra: Flight and Fight
  • The Rawha
  • The Social Ethic; The Heavenly Politic
    1. On Family
      • Manhood and Womanhood
      • Love and Marriage
      • Raising Children
    2. On Society
      • Lordly Education
      • Economics
      • Politics
  • Keynote Lecture – On Faith & Practice

Ticket Prices

  • CODE

  • AA
  • BB
  • CC
  • DD
  • EE
  • FF
  • GG
  • Entry Type

  • AAdult Individual
  • B14 years or above
  • CHusband & Wife
  • DSingle Parent
  • E14 years + (per child)
  • F7 to 14 years (per child)
  • GUnder 6 years (per child)
  • Two and under
  • Childcare Fee
  • Before 23rd March

  • Price

  • A£ 275
  • B£ 275
  • C£ 500
  • D£ 250
  • E£ 250
  • F£ 195
  • G£ 75
  • Free
  • £ 95
  • After 23rd March

  • Price

  • A£ 295
  • B£ 295
  • C£ 550
  • D£ 275
  • E£ 275
  • F£ 195
  • G£ 75
  • Free
  • £95
  • Notes

  • A---
  • BA child aged fourteen or above who attends alone.
  • C---
  • DMust be accompanied by one child or more.
  • EMust be accompanied by one parent or more.
  • F---
  • GMust share room with parent.


Concessions are available for families who will be attending the retreat with three or more children between the ages of three and eighteen. Please enquire after registering online.

The Ticket Price will cover:

  1. Admission to all classes, lectures, workshops and other elements of the programme.
  2. Three nights’ accommodation and meals
  3. Access to on-site 24-hour parking facility


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